An all-in-one digital platform for Payment Solutions, Fleet Programmes, Promotions, Loyalty and Click n Collect.

The market leading products are tailored for Fuel and Convenience, Banks and Retailer sectors and are offered on a white label basis allowing customers to develop market leading customer offers.

/ The Platform

Initially developed for fleet, petroleum retailers, banks and hire car companies to meet customer requirements for a low-cost payment technology solution which also provides significantly enhanced security and manageability of programs.

Today, the updated Platform operates globally offering Fleet, Loyalty and Payment solutions. The applications have also been extended to meet changing market requirements including requirements for measuring and offsetting carbon emissions.

The Platform provides market leading white label enabled apps and portals that are scalable, flexible and customizable to customer needs with a focus on the mobility, retail, banking and industry sectors.

Inergy 24 also provide a range of services and support for customers to enhance delivery of solutions.

/ Disruptive Solutions for Industry

Digitising offers and processes enhances the management of programmes and improves efficiency and effectiveness within organisations and their channels to market. Powered by the cloud, mobile and contactless technology the Platform of products allows real time management of programmes for B2B and B2C customers:
– Flexibility for developing value propositions to different users.
– Agility with short deployment timelines.
– Increased competitiveness.
– Technology enabled offers & reduced administration.
– Increased simplification within the business.
– Provide enhanced security and fraud prevention.
– Seamlessly integrate with existing technology.
In an ever changing competitive landscape our R&D pipeline of updated and new products will also support continued brand differentiation for our customers.

/ Mobility Industry

As vehicles become more advanced with different technologies and drive trains, requirements on how companies manage their fleets are also getting more advanced.

Our Fleet Management modules offer comprehensive tools to manage fuel expenditure and fleet efficiency whilst providing simplification for our customers and fleet operators.

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/ Retail & Convenience

The retail industry has seen significant advancements in technology, transforming the way businesses operate and engage with customers and enabling retailers to to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

As technology continues to advance, Inergy 24 is at the forefront of offering new innovations to help Retailers thrive in an ever-evolving market.

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/ Banking

With increasing commoditisation within the Payments sector, Inergy 24 offers products that can increase differentiation and allow value added services to be deployed.

This encourages stronger relationships with existing customers and helps target new customers building loyalty and profitability.

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/ Transporters & Fleet Owners

Inergy 24’s Fuel payment platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing fuel expenses, enhancing control, and optimising fleet operations. The platform is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses with fleets of vehicles.

By leveraging the platform, businesses can streamline fuel management, gain valuable insights, and effectively control costs associated with their fleet’s fuel consumption.

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/ Car Hire & Auto Dealerships

Our products have been built from the ground up with car rental companies and auto dealerships in mind allowing car rental and auto dealerships to have effective control over their fuel management and usage.

Inergy 24’s Car Rental & Dealership module provides tailored white label end to end solutions for fuel expenses, vehicle inspection, and fleet management for the Branch Network, Depots, and end customers.

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/ Leading Edge Solutions

The platform and products are easily adapted to customer needs and the innovative software can be integrated with existing systems allowing simplification across your business. 
Utilising Cloud based technology and offering solutions that are infrastructure light businesses can access a low cost one stop shop for managing key customer offers and competing strongly in a market.
With short deployment timeframes it allows businesses to become more agile in meeting changing market needs and building differentiation.

/ Fleet Management

As vehicles become more advanced with different technologies and drive trains, requirements on how companies manage their fleets are also getting more advanced. 

Our Fleet Management modules offer comprehensive tools to manage fuel expenditure and fleet efficiency whilst providing efficiency and simplicity for our customers and fleet operators.    

Fuel Payment

Telematics &
Vehicle Sensors


Local Account

EV Payment


/ Payment Management

Cloud Switch
Integrated Payments


/ Marketing


Prepaid & Gift

/ Loyalty & Rewards

Inergy 24 can provide a best-in-class loyalty and rewards platform that effectively engages and retains your customers by providing them with personalized experiences and tangible incentives for their continued loyalty.

From earning points, to spending, to complete programme management, the comprehensive set of features can be selected by you and easily adapted by brand, by geography, by duration, the possibilities are endless.

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/ Home Based Refueling

Home bases can be equipped with a forecourt controller to pre-authorize fuel transactions based on set parameters before allowing the pump to dispense fuel.

The transactional data will be automatically recorded and available for real-time reporting through a web portal.

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/ Click n Collect

Our Platform makes payment more easier by offering customers the opportunity to pre-order and pay using their mobile devices. 

With little effort customers can see the items in the range, the prices, any promotions on offer and then simply order and collect from a location that is convenient for them.

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/ POS Terminals

Efficient Transactions & Improved Customer Experience.

Next generation POS terminals can help you improve your business efficiency, accuracy, and profitability, while also enhancing the customer experience. Streamlined, accurate, and efficient. Payments have never been this easy.

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/ Technology at the Core

Our platform has been developed on a Propietary basis which subsequently allows Strong Security, User-friendly, Support, Regular updates, Customisation and Integration.

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