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Inergy 24 can provide a best-in-class loyalty and rewards platform that effectively engages and retains your customers by providing them with personalized experiences and tangible incentives for their continued loyalty.

From earning points, to spending, to complete programme management, the comprehensive set of features can be selected by you and easily adapted by brand, by geography, by duration, the possibilities are endless.


Overall, our best-in-class loyalty and rewards platform prioritises customer engagement, personalization, and flexibility, while also providing valuable insights and measurable results for businesses.

From the platform you can expect:

/ Mobile Loyalty

Bringing Loyalty on to Mobile devices provides a simple, fast and efficient approach to managing programmes. It’s convenient, it can increase customer engagement, reduces cost, provides immediate data and insights, and improves customer experience and administration.


/ Earn & Burn

With the all inclusive platform your customers are able to earn and burn points from one platform.

Earning points is easy with the platform and key features include:


Redeeming loyalty points is just as easy to set up and administer:

Multiple options exist for redeeming points including, redeem for prizes, convert to cash equivalent electronic vouchers or provide instant gratification services such as a free coffee.

Options also exist to redeem points if customers would like to mitigate their impact on the environment through buying carbon offsets.

Importantly, the levels of security that applies through a digital loyalty programme has a significant impact on fraud resulting in reduced costs to the business.

The system has been designed to be used across muti-factors including cards, mobile apps, mobile numbers and USSD which can be used on its own or together.

Overall, by introducing a combination of earn and burn features, businesses can create a loyalty program that provides tangible incentives for customers to engage with the brand and drive repeat business. This can help to build stronger customer relationships and drive long-term business growth.

/ Prize Management

The Platform will allow a streamlined, efficient and easily accessible tool to manage the issuing of rewards and prizes. By leveraging the prize management facility, businesses can create a loyalty program that is engaging, cost-effective, and optimized for driving repeat business and customer loyalty.


Overall, a prize management system within a loyalty platform is a critical component for managing a successful loyalty program. It provides businesses with the tools they need to manage a catalog of rewards and prizes, personalize rewards for individual customers, manage partnerships, analyze data and insights, and effectively communicate with customers about their rewards and prizes.

/ Campaign Management

Effective Campaign Management is a Click Away

Businesses can create, manage, and monitor short term promotions or loyalty programmes from one integrated system. Our tailored white label platform helps to manage campaigns to allow effective and time savings solutions.

With multiple methods of onboarding your communication with your customer is critical at this early stage.

The optional Branded Mobile Application also provides:

/ B2B Loyalty Management


The Platform can also help businesses create a branded portal to allow your B2B customers to be rewarded for their loyalty to your brand.

Just as under B2C, you are able to allocate prizes, points, vouchers, coupons and promotions for your loyal B2B customers to help drive repeat business, increased competitiveness and sales growth.

By investing in a loyalty programme for your B2B customers, you can create a strong foundation for long-term success and profitability.

/ Multi- Partner Programmes

Extending the reach of a Loyalty programme to include other businesses can make a significant difference to the competitiveness of a programme.

The Platform has been designed so that customers can earn loyalty points or rewards at other businesses and can redeem them at the business that accepts third-party loyalty rewards.

Overall, the Platform can enable, multi-partner loyalty programs which can be a powerful tool for businesses to increase customer loyalty and engagement across multiple businesses.

By partnering with other businesses in a loyalty program, businesses can increase their marketing reach, attract new customers, increase customer loyalty, and benefit from cost savings.


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