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Managing your Depot Fuel with One Integrated System.

If your car rental company or auto dealership has an onsite fuel depot, your focus will be on having full control over every aspect of it. Inergy 24 offers a tailor-made solution for you to have a birds eye view of your onsite fuel management. From wet stock management, to integrated software, we can provide you with the tools to effectively manage this side of your operation.

The depots can be equipped with a forecourt controller to pre-authorize fuel transactions based on set parameters before allowing the pump to dispense fuel. The transactional data will be automatically recorded and available for real-time reporting through a web portal.

Alternatively, a terminal can be used for vehicle recognition. The terminals used for reading contactless NFC tags and inputting data will be the same as those used on retail forecourts and provides significantly enhanced security and control over stocks.

Further benefits of this module include automatic stock replenishment and a reduced amount of administration and paperwork.

Pump readings can also be captured on a shift basis allowing effective wet stock control reducing fuel loss and theft for more effective management.


Option 1

Standalone Solution

Perfect for homebases with no forecourt controllers & low volumes.

Option 2

POS Integrated Solution

Includes everything from Option 1 but POS is connected to Pump for automation.

Option 3

Fastlane Integrated

Includes everything from Option 2 but requires no POS for refuelling.

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