/ Electronic Vouchers

Industries   Mobility Industry / Retail & Convenience / Banking / Transporters & Fleet Owners

Take advantage of a digital platform and move promotional activity to mobile platforms. The platform has the opportunity of issuing and acquiring electronic vouchers.

Our white label integrated mobile app ensures that electronic vouchers can be used to offer prepaid ‘cards’ and gift ‘cards’ quickly and efficiently.

Earned points on loyalty or promotional programmes can be redeemed for prizes, converted to electronic vouchers, or provided as instant gratification services such as airtime etc.



Electronic vouchers are more convenient than paper vouchers because they can be sent and received instantly via email or text message, and can be easily stored and accessed on mobile devices.


Electronic vouchers provide enhanced security because they are protected with unique codes that are difficult to duplicate or counterfeit.


Electronic vouchers can be easily customized to include specific amounts, expiration dates, and other details, making them more flexible and versatile than paper vouchers.


Electronic vouchers are more cost-effective than paper vouchers because they eliminate the need for printing and distribution costs, as well as reducing the risk of lost or stolen vouchers.

Electronic vouchers also enable another method of payment for Fleet operators. Temporary drivers can be issued by SMS with vouchers to redeem for fuel only items, all subject to rules specified by a Fleet Manager.

Overall, electronic vouchers offer many advantages over more traditional paper or card options , making them a more efficient, secure, and environmentally-friendly option for retailers and customers alike.

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