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/ Fuel Payment Solution

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We provide industry leading Fuel Management payment and Management solutions for the Fuel Industry and for Fleets. The Platform has a comprehensive fuel management solution that allows fleet managers to effectively track fuel usage, monitor spending, and control expenses.

Being a bespoke platform, this allows you to choose what features you want to include, and how you want to manage it.


Real-time management is easy with our fuel management platform. Reduce your risks, cut your losses, and have complete insight into your fuel management.


/ Multiple Methods of Payment


By integrating to global service station hardware and software, we can turn any connected device into a fuel payment device. Allow customers to pay by:

The multiple methods of payment allows fleet owners to correctly verify the Vehicle and the Driver at the fuelling location and in real time. This is one of the only fleet products to offer this.

/ Issuing & Acquiring

Extensive but easy to use functionality to manage the issuance, use, and monitoring of users. Through the use of Web Portals and Apps, this module allows you to track and manage:


/ Account Management


The solution is adaptable for customer requirements with set-up organised as per needs and capable of adapting per organisation region, profit centre, division etc.

Adaptation includes:

/ Vehicle & Driver Management

Self-service Management Tools for Fleet Managers and their fleet customers allow for Refuelling policies to be set for each Vehicle & Driver providing flexible levels of enhanced control over the Fleet. These policies can be set via the Fleet Portal or Mobile App and includes:

Electronic vouchers also enable another method of payment for Fleet operators. Temporary drivers for instance can be issued by SMS with vouchers to redeem for fuel only items, all subject to rules specified by a Fleet Manager.


/ Billing Management


Functionality that will allow customers to manage Credit, Prepaid & Cash accounts accordingly and centrally if required.

Create different billing account templates and set frequency of billing.

This module will also help to manage any card cross acceptance with different networks and tax Management per country or region.

/ Repricing & Rebate Management

Combined, repricing and rebate functions can provide businesses with a powerful tool for managing their pricing strategies and maximizing their profitability. By streamlining these processes and using data-driven insights to inform decision making, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and achieve their sales and margin goals.

Repricing and Rebate Management functionality can be set up at head office level, at service station or per fleet and includes:


/ Wallet Management


Our digital wallet is designed to remove the need for physical cash and provides flexibility and control for any additional payments that are required in the course of business including payments in multiple currencies.

Reporting includes all transaction history by user allowing a convenient and secure way for businesses to manage their finances, make purchases, and transfer funds online without the need for traditional payment methods.

/ Managed Maintenance

A module that helps fleet managers to schedule, track, and manage maintenance tasks for their vehicles. This module is designed to automate and streamline maintenance workflows, allowing managers to improve vehicle reliability, reduce maintenance costs and optimize their fleet operations.

Features include:


/ Extensive Management Reporting


Our Cloud based solution provides a real-time management reporting tool that enables managers to make data-driven decisions in real-time and driving business success.

Data including, Odomoter readings, fuel product, fuel grades, quantity, driver ID, vehicle ID, transaction and tax data, spend amount are captured.

Customers can choose from multiple tools such as dashboards, alerts, and analytics tools that provide real-time data and insights. These tools will collect and analyze data from various sources and present the data in an easily understandable format as per your requirements.

These tools allow fleet managers to easily track expenses, identify areas for cost savings, and optimize fuel consumption.

/ Cross Border Management

Enabling invoicing and reporting to support VAT refunding activity for Fleet Transporters in Europe.


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