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Inergy 24’s next generation technology for payments has been developed even further.

Our Fastlane Payments have been designed to provide a seamless drive in and drive out customer experience. Linked to existing service station infrastructure, special cameras with number plate recognition is not only a step up in convenience but also a step up in security.

The system works by using a camera mounted on the canopy or the fuel dispenser to capture an image of the license plate of the vehicle being refuelled.

This information combined with AI to verify the vehicle make, colour etc can be utilised to automatically identify the vehicle and charge the appropriate fuel cost to the driver’s account.

The process is quick and convenient, a customer simply pulls up to the pump, and the camera does the rest. The pump can be automatically authorised, the correct fuel grade dispensed and all according to any rules that have been set by a fleet manager.

Additional Security Layers to verify vehicles

Overall, Fuel Fastlane Payments with camera recognition is a convenient and secure technology that could revolutionize the way drivers pay for fuel. It will help to reduce wait times, prevent fraudulent transactions, and provide a more seamless and efficient fuelling experience for drivers.

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